No Customer Service 

Please must get your Skype ready

No Makeup Class

Other rules,

1. you can choose your tutor online, via free class/trial class.

2. not allowed to extend / postpone / change enrolled classes.

3. notification for booking confirmation: via texting(SMS) and email.

4. reminder ahead of the class: via texting(SMS) and email 3 hrs ahead of the class.

5. not allowed to change other tutor during a set of classes.

6. lessons you can choose, as below, 

# Conversation/free talking 

# Grammar 



# Business English 

# Kids lessons 

7. flexible material given, as below, 

# material provided by tutors,

# material provided by studetns, 

8. during the class, if student can not complete the class sucessfuly, makeup class can be arranged by tutor in 2 weeks.

9. booking system will skip Philiphines and Taiwan's holidays, please must keep booking confirmation email, which contains dates you have to take class.